The Board of Directors may agree to appoint any International outstanding Acupuncture Practitioners or academic personnel as an adviser of the W.T.A.A. The appointed adviser will receive a certificate annually, unless his /her obligation to the Association is due to terminated after certain period.

Members of the Advisory Committee are as follow:image002

  1. Dr. Kuo, Shiaw-Tien (郭嘯天)(Disciple &前中國針灸學會理事長R.O.C.)
  2. Ko-Pen Yeu (Senior  Disciple of Master Tung)袁國本大師兄·
  3. Dr. Wang, Chuan-Min(王全民)( Disciple & Chiropractor U.S.A.)
  4. Dr. Cheng, (鄭歲宗)( 中華民國中醫內科醫學會理事長R.O.C. )
  5. Dr. K. K. Gozali( Acupuncture examiner & Obs. Gynaecologist,U.K./ Indonesia)
  6. Dr. Chang, Hen-Hong( 張恆鴻)(林口長庚醫院附設中醫院院長 R.O.C.)
  7. Dr. Sun, Mau-Feng (孫茂峰)(林口長庚醫院針灸科主任R.O.C.)退休
  8. Dr. Lily Clark Kyan (Acupuncturist, London, U.K./California, U.S.A.)
  9. Dr. Philip Choy( Director of Ren-Shu College, London, U.K.)
  10. Prof. Man Feng Mei (Director of Acu Medic U.K.)

The Board  members of our association  were sad to learn that Dr. Kuo Shiaw Tien passed away in  Taipei, Taiwan  R.O.C. in May 2012.

The Board members of our association were recently learn that prof. Mei passed away in Bangkok while doing a teaching trip on 8 January, 2014.

The Board members of our association were sad to learn that Dr. Irena Zazula( Dr. Marian Zazula’s wife) passed away in Mississauga in July. 2014. Prof. Mei also die in Thailand in 2016.

It is with great sadness that we just learned   our vice-president Dr. Marian Zazula, MD passed away on 2 June, 2019 in Mississauga, Ontario.