Introduction-Types of membership(W.T.A.A.)

Membership in the W.T.A.A. consists of the following classes of members admitted by the board in accordance with the constitution Section 8.1:

  1. a)Practicing Members.Any individual who is licensed by a sovereign state, a federal state, a territory or other recognized governmental unit to practice within said state the science/art of acupuncture for monetary compensation, and who has essential knowledge of Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture. All the recognized disciples of late Master Tung will be granted membership, provided that they can present the original certificate issued by the Master, or their name did appear on the Master’s epitaph.
  2. b)Associate Members. Any individual who is not yet licensed by a sovereign state, a recognized government unit to practice the science/art of acupuncture for monetary compensation, whether because he/she has not passed the state’s examinations, or whether because the state has no licensing procedure, or whether because he/she does not intend to practice acupuncture but is nonetheless interested in the science/art of acupuncture and it’s growth and development. Also may accredited for a qualified foreign physician who practice in her/ his own country.
  3. c)Honorary Members.Honorary membership may be awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding contribution to the field of Tung’s Acupuncture or acupuncture. Nomination of an individual by an officer of the Association and ratification by the Board of Directors or the standing committee if such committee exists shall constitute grounds for extending an invitation to honorary membership.
  4. d) Other classes of non-voting members such as Student Members and other form of membership as the board may from time to time by resolution determine, which resolutions shall not require confirmation by the members.

How to apply your membership? 

The W.T.A.A. board only accept new entry of a membership by the following methods:

1) According to previous meeting the board agrees that an acupuncture practitioner who apply his/her membership must summit a copy of resume (curriculum vitae), a letter of signed recommendation (issued by a disciple of Master Tung or an adviser of W.T.A.A.), two recent photographs and a evaluation fee of US $ 250 or £165 together with a two-year membership annual fee of US $ 150 or £100 to W.T.A.A. 106 Main Street, Unionville, Ontario, L3R 2E9 Canada    Official phone  number: +1 905-947-4548.

2) The board approved in its year 2009 meeting that who ever complete the Basic Diploma Orthodox Tung’s Acupuncture course(including Part I,II & III) may summit such diploma certificate together with his/her new application, and will qualify this person to register as a full member of theW.T.A.A. Further after six months of continuous practicing Tung’s Acupuncture this practitioner may register as a Practicing (Full) Membership.The full membership is renewable every year. Please note that if one didn’t pay the membership for more than three years then one’s membership is automatically terminated.

The board will have the final decision to approve or reject any individual or group application for membership, according to the constitution of the W.T.A.A. and good reputation of late Master Tung.

Listing of W.T.A.A.’s  Membership:(for North America & European regions only)

The following registered members are all passed Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Diploma course examination, and kept theirW.T.A.A.’s membership up to date. Should any one wish to seek a treatment from these qualified Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture practitioners please just contact the W.T.A.A .Head office at (905) 947 4548.

  1. Dr. Marian Zazula, M.D.( Mississauga,Ontario)
  2. Lidka Middleton(Costa Rica, Rep.)
  3. Dr. Wangden Carson, M.D.( Toronto, Ontario)
  4. Mary Achue(Toronto, Ontario)
  5. Nicole Godby(St. Catherines,Ontario)
  6. Debbie Leland (Cambridge, Ontario)
  7. Brian D. Orr(Toronto, Ontario)
  8. Tahir Ahmad(Toronto, Ontario)(Not Valid,arrears of M. fee)
  9. Hapreet Singh(Mississauga, Ontario)
  10. Dr. Gurdial K. Singh, MD (Markham, Ontario)
  11. David A. Bray (Toronto, Ontario)
  12. Dr.Tankica Jovanovska, M.D.(Toronto, Ontario)
  13. Van Lam(Mississauga, Ontario)
  14. Philip K. C. Lo( Toronto, Ontario)
  15. Natalina D’Sauza (Toronto, Ontario)
  16. Victor Rubio (Mississauga, Ontario)
  17. Andrew Wegman(New York, USA)
  18. Daniel S. Karp(Florida, USA)
  19. Kam Poh Lee (Florida, USA)
  20. Henry Hom (San Francisco, USA)
  21. Theodore Zombolas (Philadelphia, USA)
  22. Dr. Alina Szyputa, M.D.(Philadelphia, USA)
  23. Suzzette Gore(Philadelphia, USA)
  24. Monte S. Gore(Arizona,USA)
  25. Christovao Branco(Toronto, Ontario)
  26. Nayyer Meibodi(Toronto,Ontario)
  27. Olga Vakruchev)(Toronto, Ontario)
  28. Dr. Mansoor Husain,MD (New Jersery, USA)
  29. Lise Chamberland (Sudbury, Ontario)
  30. Jeanette Bakker (Scarborough, Ontario)
  31. Amanda McGowan (N.Y., USA)
  32. Siu-Lan Choy (Toronto, Ontario)
  33. Isabella Roy (Manotick, Ontario)
  34. Barbara Wasiewicz (Ottawa,Ontario)
  35. Farhad Pourgolafshan (Richmond Hill, Ontario)
  36. An Lap(Andy)Ly (Michigan,USA)
  37. Dr. Imre Lipoczki, MD, Professor (Hungary)
  38. Dr. Peter Lipoczki, MD (Hungary)
  39. Marc Williams (Vermont, USA)
  40. Stephen Tapia (Toronto, Canada)
  41. Dr. Harald Lemke, MD (Germany)
  42. Robert Goto (Toronto, Ontario)
  43. Francois Vinks (Holland)
  44. Marcus Dwyer (Co. Dublin Ireland)
  45. Roozbehan Reza (London,UK)
  46. Ting Chuan Lam(Toronto,Ontario)
  47. Dr. Angela Tudor, MD (Tagoviste, Romania)
  48. Dr. Stefan Costescu, MD ( Bucharest, Romania)
  49. Oksana Kozak (London, UK)
  50. Dr. Reghina Patru, MD (Romania)
  51. Dr. Kristina Lipoczki, MD (Budapest,  Hungary)
  52. Dr. Ionut-Gabriel Corbea, MD (Bucharest, Romania)
  53. David Pakula (Ft. Lauderdale, USA)
  54. Yelena Pakula (Ft. Lauderdale, USA)
  55. Junzo Kokubo,  D Ac(Japan) ( Toronto, Canada)
  56. Dr. Yuriy Sapilo, MD ( Toronto, Canada)
  57. Jean Painter, L Ac( Arizona, USA)
  58. Dr. Florin Slusar, MD (Bucharest, Romania)
  59. Craig Justin (New York. USA)
  60. Prof. Dorin Mindrescu, MD( Craiova, Romania)
  61. Dr. Bogdan Alexandru Mindrescu, MD ( Craiova, Romania)
  62. Paul O’Regan  (Dublin, Ireland)
  63. Stephen Anderson ( Cooma, NSW Australia)
  64. Lilli Hong Ni Ho ( Calton, NSW Australia)
  65. Martin Quinn ( Galway, Ireland)
  66.  Angila Lai (London, UK)
  67. Eoin Maher (Kildare, Ireland)
  68. Vivian Shou-Litman( Florida USA)
  69. Dr. Fred Hart,DDS(Miami , USA)
  70. Marco A C Basso (Portugal)
  71. PatriceHardy( Auckland, New Zealand)
  72. Richard  Kentwell( Sydney, Australia)
  73. Dr. Gavin Wong, MD( Sydney’ Australia)
  74. Grant Pearse( New Zealand)
  75. Kane Monrad( New Zealand)
  76. Siong Kai Ng(Australia)
  77. Helen  Lichtenstein(Australia) 
  78. Rebecca Pak( Sydney, Australia)
  79. Rikhardur Josafatsson(Iceland)
  80. Michael Goshko(Alberta, Canada)
  81. Muril Templier(France)
  82. Paula Liberato( France)
  83. Maria Jorge Moreira Liliana( Lisbon, Portugal)
  84. Picao Caldeira Rodeia Ricardo(Portugal)
  85. Dias Favita Jose Marciavo (Campo Maior, Spain)
  86. Joel Salvador Xavier(Portugal)
  87. Paul Lewis(Ontario , Canada)
  88. Jose Carlos Rodrigues Pereira  Jr.( Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  89. Dr. Lidia Slavik, MD(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  90. Cassiano Mitsuo Takayassu(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  91. Leonardo Previatti(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  92. Maurilio Inacio Da Silva( Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  93. Erique Antonio Blanco (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  94. Gutenbergue Cruz do Livramento (Brazil*)
  95. Leonardo Gomes Braga Ferreira (Brazil)
  96. Dr. Cecilia Lucenti, MD (Siena, Italy)
  97. Dr. Marcos Antonio Salgado, MD (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  98. Henrique Huang ( Sao Paulo. Brazil)
  99. Jorge de Oliveira Gomes (Brazil)
  100. Elisangela Pere Miquelin ( Sao Paulo. Brazil)
  101. Gvacolda Aranedacitventes (Chilie)
  102. Parham Delijani ( New Jersey,USA)
  103. Dr. Edson Yoshizumi, MD( São Paulo, Brazil)
  104. Dr. Alexandre Massao Yoshizumi, MD ( São Paulo, Brazil)
  105. Dr. Celia Regina Pellicciari Galeotti, MD, (Jundiai, SP, Brazil)
  106. Pedro  Alves Mendez (Jundiai, SP, Brazil))
  107. Natalia Marize dos Santas ( Brazil) 
  108. Dr.Maria Da Luz Rosario de Sousa, DDS ( São Paulo, Brazil) 
  109. Dr. Maria Lucia Bressiani Gil, DDS ( São Paulo, Brazil)
  110. Dr.  Lea Costa Leite, MD ( São Paulo, Brazil)
  111. Rafael Uroz Baron, (Jundiai, SP, Brazil)
  112. Wesley de Oliveira Da-Macena, ( Espírito Santo, Brazil)
  113. Dr. Rosangela Valquiria Dahmer,MD (Caxias do Sul, Brazil)
  114. Dr. Polk a Laudares Pereira Oris, DDS ( São Paulo, Brazil)
  115. Dr. Ivan Carlos Fernandez, MD,( Brazil)
  116. Fabiana Dodi, ( São Paulo, Brazil)
  117. Joao Geraldo De Souza, ( São Paulo,Brazil)
  118. Claudio Domingos da Silva, ( ERJ, Brazil) 

All the registered members of the W.T.A. A. should remember that your duty is to carry on the legend of our late Master Tung and to provide the best existing acupuncture treatment to your patients.

# It’s member’s essential obligation to pay a fixed annual membership fee based on your location of the continent to the W.T.A.A.  If not  your name will not appearing on the above membership list.

*There are a few candidates just completed basic T.O.A.Diploma course recently and already submitted their applications for the W.T.A.A. membership. Their names will be added to the above list next time when we update this webpage.( 05/05/2023)

Special note: Mr. Henry McCann has violated the Ethic Code of this association and was therefore removed from the W.T.A.A. membership list and he is no longer a representative agent of New Jersey, U.S.A. this person will have no connection with the W.T.A.A.

New Appointments of the W.T.A.A.

  1.  Member Gurdial Kaur Singh* has enrolled to an oversea medical school since May 2010, therefore her   previous appointment will    replaced by Ms. Mary Achue  until 31 October 2014. * Gurdial has qualified as a MD in the USA since May ,2014 Now she is practicing medicine in Ohio. ( expired).
  2. Member David A. Bray as Disciplinary Officer of the association, since 26th Feb. 2010 for a period of one year.(Board agreed to extend this appointment until 26 Feb. 2020). Extend to Feb.2023.
  3. Member Dr. Angela  Sanda Tudor, MD as a Representative Agent of the association in Tagoviste, Romania  since 3rd September, 2012 for a period of two years. (new appointment  for a year). Her new appointment extended until 3rd September, 2019.( expired).
  4. Member Kam Poh Lee as a Representative Agent of the association in Florida, U.S.A. since 3rd January 2010 for a period of one year.(Board agreed to extend this appointment until 3rd January 2020). Now further extend to 31 December, 2023. 
  5. Member David Pakula & Yelena Pakula both newly appointed as Representative  Agents in Florida, U.S.A. since 23 March 2014 by the Board for a period of one year.( now extend to 23 October, 2019) ( expired).
  6. Member Mary Achue as Secretary of the association since 30 May, 2002.( Board would like to extend this appointment to 3 rd January 2020). Now extend to 31 December, 2023. 
  7. The Board has appointed Dr. Ayfer Kuzulugil, MD as a special coordinator in Ankara, Turkey since 3rd January 2013 for a period of one year.( Board  would like to extend this appointment to 3rd September, 2019.( expired).
  8. Member Stephen Anderson as a Representative Agent of the association in Australia since 9th March, 2015 by the board for a period  of one year.( expired)
  9. Member Marco A. C. Basso has  been appointed as Representative Agents of the association in Portugal Since year 2015 for 4 years.( expired).
  10. Member Cassiano Mitsuo Takayassu as a Representative Agent with member Marco A. C. Basso together to act for the association in São Paulo, Brazil since 2016 by the board for two years, now extend  Cassiano to 12 December, 2023.
  11. Member Dr. Cecilia Lucenti, MD and Mr. Paolo Micciche both been appointed as Representative Agents of the association in Siena, Italy since 2017 by the board for two more years. Now extend to 9th October, 2023. 
  12. Member Dr. Wangden Carson, MD is newly appointed as Vice-president of the WTAA. On 3rd March, 2021 by the Board of executive committee.
  13. Member Junzo Kokubo and Dr. Yuriy Sapilo, MD both been appointed as Directors of the association since AGM Board meeting in June,2022 for two years.


Special announcement of the W.T.A.A.:

Ex-members 1) Jill Ray, 2)Natalie Omay,3)Henry McCann all violated the Ethic Code of the W.T.A.A. and over due their membership annual fee for more than three years without given reasons therefore a decision(on 3/03/2009) of the Ethical Committee and the Board both agreed of expulsion of the named persons above from the W.T.A.A..

Further, Henry McCann is NOT licensed as a Tung’s Acupuncture teacher by the W.T.A.A. and has NOT even yet completed a full acupuncture training courses. Henry McCann has never obtained a permission from his teacher nor the Board of W.T.A.A. to allow him to teach Tung’s Acupuncture in Cork, Ireland or any other place. This has serious infringement of Code of Ethics (clause 6) and forced this association to remove his name from both current membership list and also a Representative Agent of the association in New Jersey, U.S.A. From this day onward the W.T.A.A. will not be liable for any conducts by Mr. Henry McCann.