An Atlas of Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Points,

2019 First Edition, US$70 or Euro €55
A new book all in colour will show you all the correct locations of our 500 Master Tung’s own acupuncture points.This book is essential for all Tung’s Acupuncture practitioners, including  MDs and L Ac. It’s  a most correct version of  T.O.A. according to our  Master Tung’s original teaching.

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NOTE: Six languages NOW available.*
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TUNG’S ORTHODOX ACUPUNCTURE BOOK IN ENGLISH & SPANISH VERSIONS(now we also have ITALIAN, GERMAN PORTUGUESE  editions available for purchasing, the GERMAN edition is ready since Christmas  time of 2018). Now we have English, Spanish , Portuguese, Italian and German editions available ! January 8 , 2019 .

call 905-947-4548 before fax Charts: A full display of all late Master Tung’s acupuncture points on a large size colour roll, this unique chart can be a useful tool for all Tung’s Acupuncture practitioners, and also a quick reference to clear the doubt of some points in Master Tung’s previous textbook.
This W.T.A.A. certified T.O.A. points chart designed and marked points by Dr. Carson is  available now at US 120( silk like water proof printing) or US $ 99( paper printing . For further details please call Tel: 905 947 4548 (ref. item 363) Health Items Including Popular 1)Stop Smoking Perfume, code #189
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