How to learn Tung’s Acupuncture in the West? The difficulty about learning Tung’s Acupuncture nowadays is that students do not know who is teaching the proper way to practice Tung’s Acupuncture. Most western acupuncture practitioners in North America do not realize that they could easily be mislead into believing that what they are being taught was the genuine Master Tung’s teachings. To avoid falling into this trap here are simple guidelines to bear in mind: a) Always choose as your teacher a firsthand information source. Take courses only from a Master Tung’s disciple and never from a third party. Ensure that your teacher has a genuine original Master Tung’s certificate and that they knew the Master personally. b) Remember that true meaning can be lost in translation. The original knowledge and Master Tung’s teaching was based on Mandarin Chinese, not on English. Unfortunately, there have been so many books over the years even in Chinese in Taiwan but most of these are just copycats written by a variety of new authors, some even using pseudonyms who have added a lot of their own unfounded ideas and theories. Strictly speaking there have only been two textbooks that were officially recognised by Master Tung. A Chinese version by Master Tung (also know as Dr. Ching-Chang Tung) and his disciple Dr. Yuan(袁國本師兄), and the English version which was translated by myself Palden Carson (also known as Dechen Palden) in 1973. Due to Master Tung’s strong anti-communist attitude, he opposed following Communist China’s Ping-Ying system(羅馬拼音) under any circumstances. Therefore, the Chinese names of all Tung’s points are translated in accordance with the early popular version of the Mathews Chinese English Dictionary. This same rule was also followed in 1988 when publishing the second edition of the original textbook published in 1973. If Miriam Lee is a true student of our Master Tung, out of respect for her Master she would never have disrespected the Master’s wishes by allowing her editor Mr. Bob Flaws to use the Ping-Ying system in her book “Master Tong’s Acupuncture”. Furthermore, they should never have translated Master Tung’s name to “Tong Jing-Chang” like a Communist Chinese name as it is totally disrespectful to the Master and his memory and heritage. It should have been translated to Dr. Ching-Chang Tung to convey respect.

Remember always learn from a genuine disciple of Master Tung not those charlatans!


Proper Training Programme for you

-This is the simple diagram for you to understand the present set programme forTung’s Acupuncturist  or/and Tung’s Acupuncture Teacher(Instructor)

A summary of training programme of the W.T.A.A.

Programme for Tung’s Practitioner: This is about how to become a Tung’s Practitioner

Qualified applicant→Basic T.O.A. diploma course (Part I, II&III) Passed Exam. obtained a Diploma→Registered as a Full member(M.W.T.A.A.) → Intermediate T.O.A. course (Level II) → Advanced T.O.A. course→

Fully Trained T.O.A. Practitioner.

# A fully trained T.O.A. Practitioner may start to practice Tung’s (T.O.A.) on patients.

 Programme for Tung’s Instructor: This is standard T.O.A.Instructor (Teacher) Training programme approved by the world Tung’s Acupuncture Association.
Fully Trained T.O.A. Practitioner → Clinical attachment with a Disciple for minimum 200hrs+Clinical T.O.A. Thesis or published article → A Board approved T.O.A. Teacher course (12 Months) & Passed T.O.A. Teacher Certificate Exam. →Qualified T.O.A. Teacher.
 The new amendment of Tung’s Acupuncture teacher’s training programme( 12/12/2019): a state registered physician/ surgeon to apply for basic/ intermediate/ advanced TOA courses and state his/her intention to be a qualified TOA  one day=>complete 3 levels of training courses within 18 months period=> enrolment as a WTAA member=> repeat attending basic/ intermediate/ advanced  TOA courses two more times *as a clinical assistance within 24 months =>pass a special oral/ clinical exam.=> Qualified T.O.A. Teacher( WTAA certificate).                                                                                            * repeat attending pay special minimum course fee
# a Qualified Tung’s(T.O.A.) Teacher may start to teach other acupuncturists, under the guidelines of the WTAA and Dr. Palden Carson, MD . This teacher needs to renew teacher’s license every year with the board of the W.T.A.A.