Please note that there are many teaching /training courses conducted by the Disciples of late Master Tung such as Dr. Palden Carson, MD, or Dr. Marian Zazula, MD  of the W.T.A.A. The most up to date training courses please check our 2022-2023 training courses.

Old file as blow :

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Following are old 2012 training courses:

1, Basic Tung’s Acupuncture Diploma course:
Part 1 , 23/24 June (Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 10am-1pm)
Part 2 , 21/22 July (Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 10am-1pm)
Part 3 , 18/19 August (Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 10ama-4pm)
Venue: 106 Main St. Unionville, ON L3R 2E9 Canada
Course Fee: $ 1300(including final Exam fee)
Application Deadline: 18 June, 2012
All applicants please send your e-mail or call +1 905-947
4548 before sending out your application form in mail!

For oversea students please check our “scheduled” segment for European Tung’s training courses of 2012.

…so you fed up acupuncture and TCM herbs, try genuine Tung’s  Orthodox Acupuncture!

About  our Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Diploma Course This programme has been specifically designed to address the needs of practicing acupuncturists who want to enhance their practical skills through working closely and informally with their peers under the guidance of the very experienced Tung’s acupuncture practitioner. Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture (TOA) is an ancient and unique system in the arena of Traditional Oriental Acupuncture that was formerly a treasure of the Tung family of Shandong, China dating back to the Han Dynasty. It is based on a completely different system of points and theories than TCM Acupuncture and is therefore a unique approach of which most TCM practitioners are unaware.

Although this course is only named as a Basic Tung’s course, but in fact it is a more advanced acupuncture teaching and should be classified as postgraduate clinical training course. This course will introduce professional acupuncturists to the 500 basic Tung’s points, theories, and treatment strategies of TOA. The course is mainly according to thelatest 1988 edition of Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture textbook published by Dr. P. Carson,MD. The teaching will also including Master Tung’s own unique methords of needling and other superior clinical methords. Participants must attend all weekendsto receive credit. Attendance will be taken each weekend. The whole course will spread along roughly about four months period in order to let participants absorbing the full ingredient of the teaching on this ancient healing art. At the end of the course participants will sit for an examination(comprised of a written and M.C.Q. examination). Person who attend all hours of the course and pass the examination will be issued a diploma. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

1) the basic class of Master Tung’s points have changed my practice. I have been exclusively using Tung’s acupuncture and my results are amazing.-C.A.
I2) I should come to Toronto instead of going to China to learn acupuncture 5 years ago. Now I’m more confident in my acupuncture practice-J. D. 
3) I have been to so many Tung’s acupuncture seminars, but this is the one I learnt most. Thank you my master.-A. L.  
Notice for W.T.A.A. members:
Sunday Teaching Seminars:
Topic: Clinical Treatment for           Diabetes Mellitus
Venue: 106 Main St. Unionville,
            ON, L3R 2E9 Canada 
Date: 27 March, 2011
         (2pm-3.30 pm )