Tung’s Acupuncture Lineage 


Tung’s ancestors (Han Dynasty 206 B.C.-7 A.D.)
Via many generations (Father-Elder Son System) to
Master Ching-Chang TUNG (1915 -1975) (Mainland to Taiwan)


Disciples (74+, Chinese or foreign)
(3-10 years of traditional attachment training)
(Epitaph including Shen-Chi, Guo-ben Yuan, Gi-Guo Yuan, MD, Palden Carson, MD, Wei-chieh Young, Chuan-min Wang, and Shou-tien Kuo ….etc. )N.B.  Marian Zazula, MD was missing from epitaph



Disciples’ disciples



Disciples’ students 
Miriam Lee x, Susan Johnson,
Ko-zen Lee, Richard Tan, & Robert Chu*…..etc.
.x deceased in 2009




Ordinary students (many Chinese national)
(only days of lecture/course)


Disciples’ students’ students
Ben-chuan Hu, Chen-wen Chen, Alan Marcus, and Yen-zan……etc.


Warning: Please note that there are many self-appointed authors/teachers around. Students must check the authenticity of these people before enroll to study or purchase any publication.                                                        e.g.* Robert Chu, L Ac. did only Two hours learning under Dr. Wei-Chieh Young (Ref. 2005/cmW/fax) Besides dr. Young, None of disciples of Master Tung know this Mr. Robert Chu! Now Mr. Chu is teaching Tung's acupuncture courses in USA and Europe as an expert! Students beware!!! ......From Educational Committee of the World Tung’s Acupuncture Association.

W.T.A.A’s special guide line for Tung’s Acupuncture students:

10th October, 2011

The above simple diagram will let any new comer into the present unclear water of our Tung’s acupuncture arena more wisely to set his/her foot in. This information will prevent any naïve acupuncture practitioner falling into the trap setting by those unauthorized outsiders of late Master Tung’s Family (means Master Tung’s own son and 74 Disciples of Master Tung). Certainly Master Tung would like those his affable selected disciples to teach and to demonstrate or even to publish his genuine art of healing to other acupuncture practitioners in order to help more patients and to continuous his legends.

Our late Master would be very sad or even angry if he found out that there are so many unrelated acupuncturists or CMD using some of his out-dated lecture notes, old abandon Tung’s points to make up so called “New” or “Advanced” Tung’s Acupuncture text. They even add our Master Tung’s name/picture (of course without proper permission) on cover page of such doubtable book sell to the market. If anyone uses such book as their first Tung’s textbook, then he will never find the true essence of our Master’s genuine teaching! As matter of fact, there are only two textbooks were ever published by Master Tung, one in Chinese

called 董 氏針灸正經奇穴學, one in English by Dr. Palden Carson in 1973 under the title of “Tung’s Acupuncture”. Unfourturaly both textbooks are out of print.  In 1975, Dr. Carson received an instruction from Master Tung to update the Tung’s Acupuncture into “Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture” in a later year; this is the last textbook that Master Tung gave to those who wishes to learn ,practice or research our school of unique acupuncture. Until 1988, this final version of Master Tung’s latest textbook was finally ready for professionals.

Remember, you don’t purchase any book, Video, DVD of Tung’s Acupuncture which was without any endorsement by Master Tung’s disciples. Also you do not attend Tung’s Acupuncture Seminar or training courses without verified the teacher is one of Master Tung’s disciples. The reason was simple why you have to learn from some unreliable sources if you can learn from the first hand?

One should know that any disciple of Master Tung must have at least three years one to one continuous clinical attachment (training), sometimes could be longer as ten years. This old traditional teaching is a guarantee that this apprentice will meet a consultant level of a said profession. This type of solid medical training was totally lost in China after 1949 the Communist took over. This is the reason why even nowadays Taiwan (Rep. of China) still NOT recognize any medical degrees/graduates from mainland China (People’s Republic of China). In the eyes of people in Taiwan, those mainland trained Chinese doctors just like so- called “Barefoot Doctors” not yet reaching essential requirement as a real doctor.

We wish to train those LAc or MD to be a competent acupuncture practitioner; therefore we limit the students’ number to no more than 12 in each course. This is to ensure the quality not the quantity. In the Basic Tung’s Acupuncture Diploma Course at the end there is an Examination (including written, oral and practical segments) to make sure that you have reached the required standard of our practice. We think that we are the best Acupuncture practitioners, so we train only those who want to be the best in the field!

Educational Committee of the W.T.A.A.