Tung’s Body Chart
Tung’s Body Chart

This is the first ever full Colour Tung’s Acupuncture Body Chart designed byDr. Carson, MD (a disciple of late Master Tung) and endorsed by the World Tung’s Acupuncture Association. In the recent few years W.T.A.A. received a lot of enquiries demanding a one piece full body chart for reference or for self-teaching purpose. Now we are happy to inform all of our colleagues that such an atlas is finally available for our Tung’s Acupuncture practitioners all over the world. One may display this large and prominent picture of superior school of Eastern art of healing in your own clinic; which demonstrating that you are not just a common elementary acupuncturist, but a more sophisticated and knowledgeable professional who can follow and practice the true healing skill of Master Tung’s teaching!

This high quality full body chart is for those select 200+ students (MD/L Ac) who has learned Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture taught by Dr. Carson. This is also for students of our late Master Tung for refreshing their learning, or to obtain a clear full body image in their mind for practicing acupuncture or micro-puncture. We believe that Dr. Carson’s previous 40 years experience on Tung’s acupuncture will soon make this Body Chart a most popular learning material among all others in the world.

Full Colour Tung’s acupuncture body chart:

Size Unit Price (US) Units Price (US) 2 Charts Unit Price $ / € EU/Asia
20”x24” $ 99 $ 177 EU/Asia
24”x26” $120 $200 €72
Plus Shipping fee for each unit *(Canada/US only) $13 *(Canada/US only) $20 US$35 / €26